Jiří Brada

Software Developer, Adobe Certfied Master - Magento Commerce Architect

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I am an enthusiastic and responsible developer with a lot of experience working with various technologies, both on the front and back end.

I'm a lifelong learner. I am interested in both hard-skills and soft-skills. I currently specialize in the PHP and e-commerce platform, Magento 2. I enjoy clean code, development automation, and team that pulls together.

I am also an active musician and amateur athlete.

Web technologies have fascinated me since childhood, and I am incredibly grateful to do my hobby as a livelihood. It's been 15 years since I got acquainted with web development and I still enjoy this field.

To be a developer is not just about IT hard skills, but about combining all possible knowledge from many different disciplines into one the best possible result.

Speaking at Meet Magento Netherlands, Amsterdam preview image

Speaking at Meet Magento Netherlands, Amsterdam

Conference Education

I had the honor of speaking at the prestigious Meet Magento conference in Amsterdam. This event marked a significant milestone in my professional journey, allowing me to stand alongside some of the most respected figures in the industry.

At the conference, I delved into the intricacies of "Monorepo Explained: Harnessing Its Power in Magento Development," sharing insights and strategies to revolutionize Magento development practices. This opportunity not only allowed me to contribute to the Magento community but also to grow and learn from fellow experts.

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PushON is an award-winning full-service eCommerce Manchester-based agency that provides a complete range of web development and marketing services.

My role is to manage, develop and design solutions based on Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento 2) platform. My work is not only about Magento 2, but I also contribute to CI/CD processes, perform code reviews or develop applications in other frameworks (Laravel). An essential topic for me is automated testing, which is an integral part of delivered solutions.

Magento 2 Magento Cloud Laravel Docker PHP PHPStan PHPUnit Bitbucket Pipelines ERP Integrations
Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner preview image

Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner


Earners of this credential have demonstrated a thorough understanding of how to leverage Adobe Commerce functionality to satisfy eCommerce business goals according to best practices.

Even after this certification, I'm sure I'm not going to change my focus from development, but the broadening of my horizons was worth it 🙂💪

Adobe Certified Master - Magento Commerce Architect preview image

Adobe Certified Master - Magento Commerce Architect


I successfully passed the highest Magento developer certification - Adobe Certified Master - Adobe Commerce Architect (a.k.a Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus).

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Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer


In 2020, I confirmed my knowledge of the Magento 2 e-commerce platform and earned the Magento 2 Professional Developer certification.

The key was to figure out what areas I am not sure of and then be just curious and ask myself for every particular task - Why is this done this way? Isn't there a better solution? After all, as I always do.

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MageXo is a Magento 2 solution partner based in Prague (CZ), focusing primarily on medium and large-scale e-commerce solutions.

In MageXo, my position alternated according to the project. I worked as a Tech Lead and Backend developer.

I passed my knowledge to others, did Code reviews and enjoyed developing e-commerce solutions based on Magento 2 platform.

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Shopen Group

Shopen Group

Shopen Group focuses on the sale and distribution of luggage in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

After merging the Tribound team into Shopen Group, I held Tech Lead's position.

My responsibility was to develop the e-shop solution on the Magento 2 platform with Team, the infrastructure, and the maintenance of related internal systems.

We migrated the original solution on the Magento 1 platform to Magento 2. It also included a facelift of the original design, infrastructure creation, and ERP integration.

I was involved in the whole process of getting the product to the customer, from order to dispatch.

Magento 2 Nette framework PHP HTML LESS / CSS Javascript / RequireJS PHPStan PHPUnit PHPCs Satis GitlabCI Deployer REST / SOAP communication ERP Integrations
Warehouse - Shopen Group preview image

Warehouse - Shopen Group


Warehouse dispatch system for Shopen Group s.r.o.

It is a web application built on the Nette framework with real-time connection to ERP and packages delivery API.

In addition to web servers, the hardware stack also contains several computers with EAN readers and printers for automated label and invoice printing.

We made it easier for warehouse workers to work and increased their productivity by a lot. Great feeling.

Nette framework PHP PHPUnit PHPStan PHPcs LESS / CSS Javascript Docker GitlabCI Deployer REST / SOAP integrations
Master's Degree, Computer Science preview image

Master's Degree, Computer Science


I completed master's degree studies at Mendel University in Brno in System engineering and informatics - Economic Informatics.

I deliberately chose the university because of economics, marketing, and management overlaps of the System engineering study program.

The IT world is not just about hard technical skills. It's about combining all possible knowledge from many different disciplines into one the best possible result.

Thanks to my alma mater for all those sometimes difficult but beautiful years of study.

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Tribound is a small web development agency founded by two of my college friends (Tomáš Poulíček, Michal Bobocký) and me. It was a great leap into the unknown, which was the logical result of our enthusiasm for the field and the desire to work together.

We created web presentations, e-shops, apps and graphic design for many clients. Besides other things, I created our own modular CMS system based on the Nette framework. My daily routine was Nette, WordPress, Magento, Less/CSS, Grunt, Docker or Javascript.

It was great experience to perceive business from the owner's perspective.

Nette framework Symfony Magento Magento 2 Wordpress PHP LESS / CSS Javascript Docker
X Production preview image

X Production

X Production

I worked as a part of the X Production Team as a Frontend developer.

My responsibility was taking over the graphic design and transfer visual ideas adequately into its web form.

It was a great experience to be in the team with many skilled and creative people.

HTML CSS Javascript PHP Yii Framework
Svoboda, Graphic Design Studio preview image

Svoboda, Graphic Design Studio


I established cooperation with a small, Brno (CZ) located, Graphic design studio in 2012.

I worked mostly on presentation websites and small e-commerce sites.

According to the assignment, my input was a graphic design, which I transformed into a functional web application.

HTML CSS PHP Nette Framework
The Prehistoric Ages (2004 - 2010) preview image

The Prehistoric Ages (2004 - 2010)

I started to discover IT and web development in general.

I created my first website. I was involved in the development of instances of MaNGOS (Massive Network Game Object Server). Not only was it fun, but I started to enjoy programming. Among other things, I have met PHP, SQL, C++ and Linux for the first time.

Technologies acquired me.